Results of the 2006 DC Archives Survey


Demographic Info

This year's survey netted 565 valid responses, within the margin of error from previous years. A slight downtick was observed, possibly reflecting a reduction in Archive interest, errors in this year's server hosting the survey or minor statistical bump. Nevertheless, ample statistical power is present in this year's survey for the choices provided.

The average age for this year's survey is 37, a slight downtick from last year's 38. This number is consistent with the mean for Archives consumers in this Survey.




The trend in Archives consumption continued it's course to date, approximately 4-5 / year.   Points where we have 16 Archives are above the line of the slope, less than 12 fall below it. From this it seems arguable the DC should sustain 16 a year, especially if they expand by increased sampling of existing markets that may not be fully tapped (i.e. Superman Family Archives).