Dr. Darkk

Character Data

Real Name Unknown 

Residence: Mobile 
Occupation: Scientist, Professional Criminal First Appearance (Golden Age): Adventure Comics #65 (August 1941) 
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): None 
Pre-Crisis Fate: Unknown 
Post-Crisis Fate: Unknown

Character History

   Little is known about the life of Dr. Darkk before his first encounter with Hourman in 1941. Dr. Darkk was a scientist with a broad range of interests including optics and robotics. His research, however, was costly and to underwrite these efforts, the scientist became a criminal. His first recorded crime was in 1941 when, with assistants Nan and Butch, he staged a heist at a New York jewelry store. Using a light ray hidden in a ring invented by Darkk, Butch turned the jewels invisible and made off with the store's best diamonds. Darkk acquired loot was used to finance his research, often by purchasing supplies from Bannermain Chemical. The size and exotic nature of the purchases aroused the suspicions of Rex Tyler.

    Resolving to investigate the case himself Tyler delivered Darkk's next order. However, his naiveté of Darkk's delivery procedures forewarned the thugs of his plans and he was left unconscious in the cellar of Darkk's rural laboratories. Upon regaining consciousness, Tyler quickly switched to his identity as Hourman and followed Nan to an abandoned light house which served as Darkk's true hideout. After a confrontation with Darkk's guard dogs and dispatching Butch, Hourman confronted Darkk. The criminal scientist was prepared however and unleashed a giant robot of his own design named Giganto. When Hourman bested his robot, Darkk used his ring to make himself invisible. Undetectable to the hero, Darkk knocked Hourman out and fled. Along with Nan, Darkk abandoned Butch and fled to intercept a plane carrying a large fortune in war bonds. Furious at their betrayal, Butch helped Hourman track the two criminals and after a quick defeat, Darkk and his assistants were turned over to the authorities.

        The activities of Dr. Darkk since the 1940's have yet to be recorded. Whether he survived or produced heirs to his criminal legacy is as yet a subject of speculation.
Power and Abilities: Dr. Darkk possessed no super-powers but was an extremely skilled scientist and possessed an advanced understanding of optics and robotics. Darkk's principle inventions included a giant robot named Giganto and a ring containing an invisibility ray.

Weaknesses and Limitations: Dark was a normal human and, after getting past his monstrous lackeys, could be captured as such.

Golden Age Appearances
Adventure Comics #65

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