U.S. Events

- January 2nd - Book publisher Simon and Shuster founded

- January 3rd
        - March of Dimes is organized to fight polio
        - Atom first split

- January 16th - When African-American members of his band are barred from performing, Benny Goodman cancels a show and walks out of Carnegie Hall.

- June 29th - Olympic National Park created.

- July 21st - Owen Wister, author of "The Virginian" and other popular Western fiction, dies at age 78

- September 21st -  A hurricane strikes New England killing 564 people and destroying over 2500 fishing boats.

- October 21st - Future Jed Clampett Buddy Ebsen has a near fatal allergic reaction to the metal-based makeup used for the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz and leaves the film.

- December 15th - Groundbreaking for the Jefferson Memorial occurs.

- April 29th - Whitestone Bridge, between Queens and the Bronx opens

- April 30th - Franklin Roosevelt becomes the first President to appear in a televised broadcast when a speech is televised from the World's Fair in New York.

- November 15th - The Jefferson Memorial cornerstone is laid.

- January 31st - The very first Social Security check is issued to Ida May Fuller of Vermont. It totals $22.54.

- June 5th - Phillip Graham marries heiress Katherine Meyer, daughter of newspaper tycoon Eugene Meyer, publisher of the Washington Post

- July 2nd - Lake Washington floating bridge is dedicated In Seattle, Washington.

- August 29th - CBS announces the invention of color television.

- September 5th - American First Committee formed. This isolationist group favored minimal involvement in Europe and Asian wars and counted Charles Lindbergh as a featured member

- October 1st - The Pennsylvania Turnpike Opens for traffic.

- November 5th - Election Day
        - Franklin D. Roosevelt wins a 3rd term in office, defeating Republican Wendell Wilkie with 90% of the electoral vote.

- December 21st - Popular author F. Scott Fitzgerald ("The Great Gatsby") dies of a heart attack at age 44

- January 20th - Franklin Roosevelt is inaugurated for a third term.

- March 22nd - Grand Coulee Dam begins operation in Washington state.

- March 28th - Author Virginia Woolf commits suicide at the age of 59.

- July 1st - The FCC authorizes the development of commercial television.

- November 16th - Berwyn,  Oklahoma changes the town name to honor it's most famous son and becomes Gene Autrey, Oklahoma.

- December 12th - A scheduled speech by Charles Lindbergh by the America First Movement is canceled in the wake of Pearl Harbor. Lindbergh becomes aviation advisor to the war effort at Ford Motor Co.

- December 26th - Winston Churchill becomes the first British Prime Minister to address a joint session of Congress.

- January 1 - The Rose Bowl is moved from Pasadena, California to Durham, North Carolina citing concerns of wartime security

- March 9th - Construction begins on the Alaska Highway, a monumental piece of roadwork winding from the U.S. - Canadian border to Fort St. John Alaska.

- March 18th - President Roosevelt signs an Executive Order beginning the generation of relocation camps for Nissei - Japanese Americans - in response to war hysteria regarding potential Japanese spies.

- April 22nd -  Donald Fearn murders student nurse Alice Porter using ancient Pueblo Indian Torture methods. He was executed for the crime on October 22nd.

- April 24th - Singer Barbara Streisand born

- June 13th - Germany places 4 saboteurs on Long Island, New York.

- June 27th - Nazi saboteurs on Long Island captured.

- July 17th - Flooding caused by 3 inches of rain kills 15 in Pennsylvania

- August 1st - Race riots in Harlem, New York.

- October 29th - Alaska Highway is completed.

- November 5th - Vaudeville legend George M. Cohan ("You're a Grand Old Flag", "Over There") dies

- November 28th - Coffee rationing begins

- November 28th - A fire at popular Manhattan night spot, The Coconut Grove, causes the deaths of almost 500 people.

- December 15th - Orchestra leader Glenn Miller's flight disappears over the English Channel

- December 21st - The U.S. Supreme Court rules that all states much recognize divorces made in Nevada. The Las Vegas "quickie divorce" is born.

- December 30th - Frank Sinatra opens a 4-week (which becomes 8 week) gig at the Paramount Theatre in New York.

- January 5th - George Washington Carver dies at the age of 81.

- January 15th - The Pentagon building is completed.

- January 18th - a ban on pre-sliced bread goes into effect to spare metal parts for the war effort. Metal rationing begins.

- February 2nd - Shoe rationing begins in the U.S.

- March 29th - Meat, cheese and butter rationing begins.

- May 22nd - Former First Lady Helen Taft dies at age 82

- December 23rd - The first complete opera, Hansel and Gretel by Englebert Humperdink, is telecast.

- January 7th - Former First Lady Lou Hoover dies of a heart attack.

- March 4th - "Lepke" Buchhalter, notorious leader of Murder Inc, the mafia assassination team,  is executed in the electric chair at Sing Sing.

- May 3rd - Rationing ends.

- June 22nd - President Roosevelt signs the GI Bill of Rights, devoting federal resources to provide returning soldiers with educational opportunities, housing assistance and medical care.

- July 6th - A fire at the Ringling Brothers circus in Hartford, Connecticut kills 168 people

- July 17th - In one of worst home front disasters during the War, two ammunition ships explode at Port Chicago on the Sacramento River in California, killing 376.

- August 10th - Race Riots in Athens, Alabama

- May 9th - U.S. Officials announce that the curfew on after midnight entertainment is lifted immediately

- June 19th - President Truman flies to Washington State, becoming the first President to travel by air.

- July 28th - An Air Force plane crashes into the Empire State Building, killing 10 people.

- November 18th - Wilma Mankiller is born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. In 1985, Mankiller became the first woman to become chief of the Cherokee Nation.

- Decemebr 5th - President Truman creates the Committee on Civil Rights by Executive Order

- December 5th - Flight 19, composed of 6 Navy Avenger bombers, disappears over the Bermuda Triangle. No trace of either planes or pilots is ever found.

- December 28th - Congress officially recognizes the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

- January 1st - ENIAC, the 1st US computer is completed

- January 20th - The Central Intelligence Group (later CIA) formed on orders from President Truman.

- June 13th - The first transcontinental flight is completed between California and Maryland.

- July 7th, 1946 - St Frances Cabrini, patroness of immigrants is beatified by Pope Pius XII. She is the first Saint to have been a US Citizen.

- July 23rd - Norma Jean Baker, a model for many of the war effort ads highlighting the contribution to the war, signs a contract with 20th Century Fox to produce motion pictures. After her signing, Norma Jean used the stage name Marilyn Monroe.

- December 7th - A fire at the Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta kills 119

- December 11th - John D. Rockefeller offers to donate a six-block piece of Manhattan real estate to be the HQ of the United Nations. The offer is accepted the next day.

- December 26th - Bugsy Siegel's Flamingo Hotel opens in Las Vegas

- January 17th - Body of "Black Dahlia" found. Her murder has never been solved.

- March 21 - President Truman orders a loyalty investigation of all government employees

- April 9th - In Woodward, Oklahoma, a number of tornadoes moving in a "family formation" devastated a 1.8 mile swath across the plains, killing 187 people.

- April 16th - The ammunitions ship Grandcamp explodes at harbor in Texas City, killing 576

- April 24th - Death of Willa Cather ("O Pioneers!", "One of Ours")

- April 30th - Boulder Dam renamed as the Hoover Dam

- October 14th - Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier in the Bell X-1 aircraft.

- October 17th - Jay Combs murders actress Gay Gibson, strangling her and throwing her body into shark infested waters

- December 6th - Everglades National Park dedicated

- December 13th - The Maine Turnpike is opened to motorists.

- December 23rd - Bell Laboratories announces the invention of the transistor to replace bulky vacuum technology

- December 27th - Howdy Doody makes his debut on NBC

- May 1st - Idaho senator Glenn Taylor is arrested for attempting to enter a building through the door marked "Negroes".

- June 8th - "The Milton Berle" show premieres.

- June 20th - "Toast of the Town" with host Ed Sullivan premieres. It becomes "The Ed Sullivan Show" in 1955.

- July 5th - Actress Carol Landis commits suicide

- July 31st - President Truman presides over the official opening of New York International Airport, commonly referred to as Idlewild after the marshy section of New York in which it is built. The airport was re-named JFK Airport after that President's assassination.

- August 16th - Baseball legend Babe Ruth dies of throat cancer.

- August 20th - US expels  Jacob Lomakin , Soviet Consul General in New York.

- September 30th - Former First Lady, Edith Roosevelt, wife of Teddy Roosevelt, dies at age 87

- November 2nd - President Truman wins a narrow re-election over Thomas Dewey. Pollsters had predicted that Dewey had already won early in the evening but the results proved the contrary.

- January 5th - In his State of the Union Address, Truman labels his administration "The Fair Deal".

- January 11th - First recorded snowfall in Los Angeles

- January 11th - Construction begins on the first Islamic mosque in the United States in Washington D.C.

- January 12 - Kukla, Fran and Ollie begin on NBC-TV\

- August 16th - Pulitzer Prize winning author Margaret Mitchell ("Gone with the Wind") dies in Atlanta at the age of 49

- December 29th - KC2XAK of Bridgeport, Connecticut becomes the first ultrahigh frequency (UHF) television station to begin operating on a regular daily schedule.

- February 9th - In a fiery speech in Wheeling, West Virginia, Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed to have evidence of 200 Communist Party members employed by the State Department.

- April 17th - The wrestling matches at the Hollywood Stadium are canceled when the wrestlers refuse to perform for television, citing the potential loss of match attendance.

- June 24th - Harry Truman dedicate the new airport, Friendship International, in Baltimore. The airport becomes Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) in 1973.

- November 30th - When U.S. Senator Sheridan Downey of California resigns from the Senate, his term is filled out by Republican Representative Richard M. Nixon. Nixon retained the seat until January 1953, when he became Vice-President of the United States.

- December 25th - The Steve Allen Shows debuts on CBS

- April 11th - General Douglas MacArthur is relieved of his command, sparking storms of protest regarding the American involvement in Korea and the Cold War in general.

- April 19th - General Douglas MacArthur addresses congress for the last time with the memorable quote "Old soldiers never die, they just  fade away".

- April 19th - Shigeki Tanaka, a survivor of the bombing of Hiroshima, wins the Boston Marathon.

- April 22nd - A New York ticker tape parade is held for General Douglas MacArthur

-  October 15th - "I Love Lucy" premieres on CBS.

- December 24th - Libya declares independence from Italy

- December 25th - A bomb planted beneath of the home of Florida civil rights activists Harry and Harriette Moore, explodes, killing Harry immediately and Harriette 9 days later from internal injuries. It was there 25th wedding anniversary. The crime has never been solved.

World Events
- January 31 - Princess Beatrice born to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands.

- March 3 - Oil is discovered in Saudi Arabia, forever changing the role of the Middle East in the world stage

- September 27th - The Queen Elizabeth, the largest luxury liner ever built, is launched from Scotland.

- October 30th - Orson Welles makes his historic broadcast of War of the Worlds

- November 9th - "Kristallnacht" or the Night of Broken Glass in which thousands of German took to the streets in an orgy of violence, destroy hundreds of Jewish businesses and synagogues. Hitler placed the blame on this event squarely on the Jews themselves, holding them legally and economically responsible and beginning the first steps of his "Final Solution" to the "Jewish Problem".

- November 10th - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, father of the modern Turkish Republic, dies after a brief illness.


- March 28th - General Francisco Franco occupies Madrid, consolidating power in Spain.

- August 2nd - Physicist Albert Einsten writes to President Roosevelt expressing concern about the lack of American movement on nuclear technology and the aggression with which Nazi Germany was moving to develop atomic energy application, most notably the atomic bomb.

- May 10th - Winston Churchill becomes prime minister of the United Kingdom 

- August 21st - Leon Trotsky, a former Lenin aide who was expelled from the Soviet Union for his opposition to Stalin, dies of wounds received the previous day from an ice pick wielded by a supporter of Stalin.

- February 21st - Sir Fredrick Banting, a Nobel laureate who first described insulin, is killed in an airplane crash in Canada. Insulin co-discoverer Charles Best assumed his place as head of the Banting Department of Medical Research in Toronto, Ontario.
-February 2nd - The volcano Paracutin begins as a cinder cone in a corn field in Mexico.

- June 4th - A military coup overthrows the government of Argentina. Juan Peron becomes Chief of the Department of Labor under new President Pedro Ramirez

1944 -
- January 15th - An earthquake destroys 90% of the city of San Juan, Argentina in the Andes Mountains

- January 16th - 500 killed in a train crash in Leon Province, Spain.

- March 2nd - 521 suffocated from fumes on a train trapped in tunnel in Salerno, Italy

- March 20th - Mount Vesuvius explodes in Italy

- May 18th - Suspecting the minority Tartar population (all 200,000 of them) of being Nazi collaborators, the Stalin regime imposed a brutal crackdown, deporting the entire population to relocation camps in Central Asia. Nearly 50% died from starvation and neglect in the camps before they were closed down. Tartar's remained in exile until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990.

- July 31st - French author Antoine De Saint-Exupery disappears over the Mediterranean. A renowned French author of children's books ("The Little Prince") and pilot,  Saint-Exupery served as volunteer airman for the Allies and is generally believed to have been shot down, though neither his body or his plane were ever recovered.

- February 21st - Eric Lidell, Olympic athlete and missionary to China, dies in a Japanese internment camp. His athletic accomplishments became the subject the book/movie "Chariots of Fire".

- March 12th - The Communist Party of Italy calls for an armed uprising

- June 26th - The official UN Charter is signed

- September 2nd - With the withdrawal of the Japanese forces, Ho Chi Minh declares North Vietnam free of French dominance.

- September 8th - Former Japanese minister Hideki Tojo attempts suicide to avoid conviction but fails in his attempt.

- October 24th - Major Vidkun Quisling, Nazi overlord of conquered Norway, is executed for treason.

- November 19th - President Truman, together with Clement Atlee of Britain and Mackenize King of Canada, calls for a U.N. Atomic Energy Commission

- December 27th - The International Monetary Fund is created by joint treaty, The Articles of Agreement,  between 28 nations.

- January 3rd - Nazi propagandist Lord Haw-Haw hanged for treason in Britain

- January 10th - UN General Assembly holds first meeting in London

- January 11th - King Zog of Albania is deposed

- February 1st - Republic of Hungary proclaimed with Zoltan Tildy as President

- March 2nd - Ho Chi Minh elected President of North Vietnam

- April 1st - A tidal wave formed by an Alaskan earthquake kils 159 in Hilo, Hawaii

- May 9th - King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy abdicates

- May 10th - King Umberto II becomes ruler of Italy

- June 13th - King Umberto of Italy abdicates

- June 28th - Enrico de Nicola becomes the 1st president of Italy

- October 15th - Former Nazi Air Marshall Herman Goering poisons himself in prison to avoid judgment in the Nuremburg trials

- December 14th - United Nations votes to establish it's headquarters in New York City

- December 19th - The French Indochina war begins when Ho Chi Minh attacks the French in Hanoi.

- December 21st - An earthquake kills over 1000 in southern Japan

- February 10th - Province of Petasamo returned to the Soviet Union by Finalnd

- March 1st - International Monetary Fund begins operation

- April 28th - Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl sets sail from Peru to Polynesia.

- July 2nd - A spaceship reportedly crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. The U.S. Government claimed in 1997 that it was a weather balloon.

- August 15th - At midnight, India and Pakistan are declared independent from Great Britain and become sovereign nations.

- August 28th - World famous bullfighter Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez is fatally gored by a bull in the town of Linares

- December 1st - Scottish occultist Aleister Crowley ("The Great Beast") dies in Hastings, England

- January 1st - Italy adopts a new Constitution

- January 30th - Mahatma Ghandi assassinated by Hindu extremists

- February 24th - Communist Party takes full control of the government of Czechoslovakia

- April 16th - The European Economic Co-operation forms in Paris, France.

- April 30th - The Organization of American States charter is signed in Bogota, Colombia

- May 11th -  Luigi Einaudi is elected President of Italy

- May 14th - Israel declares independence from Britain

- May 15th - Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Saudi-Arabia attack Israel

- May 20th - Israel defeats Syria

- June 1st - Israel and Arab nations agree to cease-fire

- June 14th - Communist Klement Gottwald is elected president of Communist Czechoslovakia

- July 14th - Israel bombs Cairo, Egypt

- October 18th - Israel launches Operation: Ten Plagues against Egypt

- October 22nd - Egyptian flagship, the King Farouk, is sank by Israeli forces

- December 23rd - Hideki Tojo and 6 other Japanese leaders are executed as war criminals.

- January 1st - Union Islands declared part of New Zealand

- January 25th - First Israel elections, David Ben-Gurion becomes 1st Prime Minister

- January 29th - Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland recognize Israel

- Febraury 24th - Israel and Egypt sign an armistice agreement

- March 29th - Turkey recognizes Israel

- May 11th - Siam renames itself Thailand

- June 9th - Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) becomes king of Thailand

- July 12th - A Dutch KLM crash kills 74 near Bombay

- July 20th - Vasil Koralov elected premier of Bulgaria

- July 20th - Israel's war of independence ends

 - July 27th - The first jet-propelled airplane, the deHaviland Comet, takes flight. Design flaws in the Comet would later result in a number of fatal air crashes

 - August 5th - A 6.75 earthquake kills ~6000 in Quito, Ecuador

- August 18th - Hungary adopts a Soviet style constitution

June 20th - Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs Dean Rusk testifies to Congress that "no war is likely" on the Korean peninsula.

June 25th - North Korea invades South Korea

June 27th - UN declares North Korea's attacks to be a formal breach of peace and decides to send in Allied forces to support South Korea

September 15th - General McArthur executed a legendary sneak attack on Korean forces by ordering an amphibious landing via Inchon that strikes North Korean forces from behind and ahead, sending them into disarray and across the 38th Parallel.

October 19th - Chinese troops cross the 38th parallel to aide North Koreans in their struggle with American and UN reinforced South Korean troops. From this point, the Korean War begins in earnest.

November 24th - As Chinese forces seem to appear and disappear mysteriously, McArthur declares that few if any Chinese are present in Korea and launches a new offensive, declaring he will "have the boys home by Christmas"

November 26th - A massive counter-offensive repels McArthur's forces and evokes his conclusion that "a new war is begun".

December 15th - The Communist-North Korean forces again cross the 38th parallel

December 16th - The second breaching of the 38th parallel causes President Truman to declare a national state of emergency.

December 25th - Scottish Nationalist students steal the Stone of Destiny, an ancient Scot artifact believed to be the pillow upon which the prophet Jacob rested, from Westminster Abby. The legend states that the voice of God was transmitted to Jacob through the stone and it was used for generations to choose the kings of Scotland. The stone was supposedly returned to England in March of 1951 but rumors abound that what was returned was a replica and the real stone lies hidden away somewhere in Scotland.

- April 5th - Ubol Ratana, first born Princess of Thailand is born. She eventually renounced her royal title and married an American. She currently lives in the United States.

World War II

- March 15th - German troops move into Czechoslovakia

- April 7th - Italy invades Albania

- April 14th - President Roosevelt makes diplomatic overtures to Hitler and Mussolini and requests a conference to consider ways to peace in Europe

- May 22nd - German and Italy sign The Pact of Steel

- August 15th - India sends troop to Egypt to provide re-enforcements for the British

- August 23rd - Hitler and Stalin sign a non-aggression pact. A secret clause gives the Soviets half of Poland later that year.

- August 26th - Hitler guarantees the neutrality of Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Switzerland. It is a ploy to forestall a two-front war while he secure Poland.

- September 1st - "Operation: Weiss" - Germany invades Poland. Hitler demonstrates his new tactic, the Blitzkrieg or Lightning War.

- Febraury 1st - Russia renews aggression against Finland

- April 9th - Germany invades Norway

- April 12th - Italy annexes Albania

- April 14th-15th - Allied troops landed in Norway

- June 4th - German troops enter Paris.

- June 8th - Allied forces repelled from Norway

- June 9th - Norway surrenders to Nazi Germany

- June 10th - Italy declares war on Britain and France

- June 14th - Paris falls to the German army

- June 24th - France signs an armistice agreement with Italy

- July 16th - The HMS Imogen collides with the HMS Glasgow in thick fog. The Imogen is abandoned and sinks

- August 24th - Germany commission the construction of the naval juggernaut, The Bismark

- September 27th - Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan sign a 10 year mutual cooperation agreement signaling the formal birth of The Axis.

- January 16th - War Department forms 1st Army Squadron for black cadets

- March 1st - German troops invade Bulgaria

- March 31st - HMS Prince of Wales completed

- April 15th - Roosevelt signed an executive order authorizing the formation of the American Volunteer Group. allowing soldiers to resign their respective service ranks to join anti-Axis campaigns on a volunteer basis. Soldiers were re-instated at full rank when their volunteer service was complete.

- May 2nd - Martin Bormann replaces Rudolph Hess as Hitler's deputy

- May 10th - Rudolph Hess parachutes into Scotland. He is imprisoned for the remainder of the war in Britain.

- May 19th - The Bismarck leaves dry-dock in Poland bound for the North Atlantic

- May 24th - The Bismarck is confronted by the HMS Hood, pride of the British navy. A single shot from the German ship's gun blows the Hood in half, sinking the senior vessel in 7 minutes. Of the crew of 1418, only 3 survive.

- May 27th - Hounded by the British navy, the Bismarck is confronted and severely damaged by British naval forces. Faced with the imminent capture of Germany's naval prize, the sailors scuttle the ship, sinking it 3 miles of water.

- June 22nd - Germany and Italy declare war on the Soviet Union

- June 26th - Finland enters WW II against the Soviet Union

- June 27th - Hungary declares war on the Soviet Union

- August 4th - Winston Churchill departs for the Atlantic Conference on the HMS Prince of Wales

- August 14th - German spy Josef Jakob is executed by firing squad in Britain, becoming the last person executed in the Tower of London

- September 6th - The government of Nazi Germany announces that all Jewish citizens will be identified by wearing a gold Star of David on their clothing.

- October 3rd - Six synagogues are blown up by Nazi agents in Paris

- November 26th - Fleet of Japanese aircraft carriers covertly depart for Hawaii

- December 7th - The Japanese launch a surprise attack on the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The attack lasts for two hours and includes two waves of assault. Over 2400 people are killed,  1104 on the USS Arizona alone. Nearly 1200 wounded and the U.S. Navy severely crippled as 5 battleships are sunk and 3 more damaged.

- December 8th - The United States officially enters World War II

- December 9th - China declares war on the Axis nations.

- December 10th - The HMS Prince of Wales is sank by Japanese aircraft in the sea near Malaysia. Half the crew are lost.

- December 11th - Germany, Hungary and Italy declare war on the United States

- December 15th - The USS Swordfish becomes the first US submarine to sink a Japanese ship

- December 17th - Admiral Chester Nimitz becomes Chief of Naval Operations in the Pacific, succeeding Admiral Husband Kimmel.

- December 21st - American forces on Wake Island surrender to the Japanese

- January 1st - U.S. and 25 other nations sign a declaration of co-operation against the Axis.

- February 11th - The submarine USS Shark is thought to have been attacked by the Japanese destroyer Yamakaze and sank. The Shark was never recovered.

- February 23th - Hitler abandons idea of invading England.

- March 11th

- Deportation of French Jews to Auschwitz begins.

- USS Caribsea torpedoed by U-boats off the North Carolina Coast

- March 19th - Nazi U-boats sink the tanker USS papoose off the coast of North Carolina

- April 9th - The USS Atlas sank by German U-boats off the North Carolina coast

- April 28th - After a Gallup survey, the current conflict is officialy named World War II

- May 4th - Battle of Coral Sea begins

- May 8th - USS Lexington  sank by Japanese forces during The Battle of the Coral Sea, The Battle of Coral Sea ends, stopping Japanese expansion.

- May 9th - The German U-Boat U-352 sank off the North Carolina coast

- May 12th - A Nazi U-Boat sinks an American Cargo ship at the mouth of the Mississippi Rivers

- June 4th - Battle of Midway, considered the decisive Naval battle of the Pacific, utterly defeating the Japanese Navy. USS Yorktown lost.

- June 5th - The United States declares war on Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria

- June 7th - Battle of Midway ends.

- June 10th - As an example to the resistance, Hitler orders the Czech village of Lidice destroyed on trumped up charges. All males over the age of 16 are executed, the village is burned and the rubble plowed under and fresh grass planted on that ground. Every evidence of the village's existence is eradicated.

- June 21 - Erwin Rommel promoted to Field Marshall in recognition of his efforts in repelling British forces in Northern Africa.

- July 4th - The American Volunteer Group "The Flying Tigers", a group of pilots protecting China, disbanded as America's military commitment to China became official.

- August 9th - The two-Day Battle of Savo Island begins. The Japanese deal with Pacific Allies their deadliest defeat, sinking the USS Quincy, the USS Vincennes, the USS Astoria and the Australian shim HMAS Cannaberra for a total of over 1100 men lost. The Japanese lose only 58.

- August 22nd - Brazil enters war on the side of the Allies

- August 27th - Cuba enters war on the side of the Allies

- September 6th - German Troops capture the Russian town of Novorossisyk

- November 13th - The Sullivan brothers (5 of them) were killed in the Battle of Guadalcanal. 4 were killed in the initial sinking of USS Juneau, the 5th evidently was killed by a shark while awaiting rescue. The US government thereafter forbade concomitant service by all siblings.

- April 26 - USS Intrepid launched

- July 25th - Benito Mussolini dismissed as Premier of Italy

- July 26th - Mussolini's government crumbles and he flees into the protection of Nazi Germany.

- September 3rd - Armistice signed with Italian government.

- September 8th - Eisenhower announces the unconditional surrender of Italy

- September 15th - Benito Mussolini sets up a rival Fascist government in German-held Northern Italy

- October 14th - Aircraft Carrier USS Franklin (CV-13) launched

- November 13th - Italy (not the Mussolini rival government) declares war on Nazi Germany

- November 26th - The HMS Rohna, bearing US ground troops bound for Italy, becomes the first ship sank by air to surface missiles. With 1015 casualties, the Rohna was the worse American Naval loss in a single attack of WW II.

- November 27th - December 1st - First "Big Three" meeting held in Tehran, Iran.

- January 16th - General Dwight D. Eisenhower assumes position of Supreme Commander of European forces.

- January 22nd - First allied troops land at Anzio

- January 24th - Allied troops occupy Nettuno Italy

- February 7th - Aircraft Carrier USS Ticonderoga launched

- February 7th - Germans launch counteroffensive at Anzio

- March 19th - Germany occupies Hungary

- June 6th - Allied Forces land at the beaches of Normandy in the D-Day invasion. Heavy losses are incurred the but the beach's capture begins the deconstruction of Nazi-held Europe.

- June 16th - Charles Lindbergh begins flying combat missions in the Pacific theatre as part of "Satan's Angels". Eventually develops improvements in aircraft performance that nearly doubles combat radius

- July 20th - The Destroyer HMS Isis is mined and sank off the coast of Greece

- July 23rd - Allied troops occupy Pisa, Italy

- August 1st - Anne Frank wrote the last entry in her diary during the Nazi occupation. She was later captured and died in a concentration camp.

- August 4th - British 8th Army reaches Florence, Italy

- August 19th - The French Resistance reclaims part of Paris

- August 22nd - Hitler orders Paris destroyed

- August 25th - The Allies liberate Paris

- August 26th - Allied forces cross the Seine River.

- September 4th - Finland breaks off diplomatic relations with Nazi Germany

- October 7th - The Sonderkommando, Jews organized to help lead others to the gas chamber, revolt at Auschwitz, killing several SS. The revolt was brutally put down, resulting in  the deaths of all remaining Sonderkommando at Auschwitz.

- October 14th - Erwin Rommel forced to commit suicide for failure to support Hitler during the last days of the war.

- October 23-26 - The Battle of Leyte Gulf demolishes the remainder of the Japanese Navy.

- October 23rd - The Soviet army invades Hungary

- December 13th - The cruiser USS Nashville is damaged by a kamikaze attack en route to the Philippines, resulting in 138 deaths.

- December 17th-18th - A typhoon strikes the 3rd US Naval Task Force in the Philippines, sinking 3 ships and killing 800 officers and men.

- January 6 - During the invasion of Luzon, a suicide bomber slams his plane into the USS New Mexico, killing her commander, Captain R. W. Fleming and 29 others.

- January 9 - General Douglus McArthur and troops invade Luzon, Phillipnes, fulfilling his vow,   " I Shall Return".

- Janaury 17th - Warsaw liberated by the Soviet army. Auschwitz concentraion camp begins evacuation in the face of advancing Soviets.

- January 27th - Auschwitz liberated.

- January 31st - Private Eddie Slovik is executed for desertion. Slovik, who begged without result for non-combat duty, was the only soldier executed for desertion in WW II and the first since the Civil War. His death was ordered personally be General Dwight Eisenhower to deter other deserters and his body was buried with 94 other soldiers convicted and executed for murder and rape in Europe. His remains were returned to the US in 1987.

- February 4th-11th - Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin meet at Yalta to discuss the final the endgame strategy of World War II. Stalin's aggressive posture and his demands for reparations to Russia for it's losses signaled the beginning of the Cold War.

- February 6th - Russian Army crosses the river Oder.

- February 19th - Approximately 1000 Japanese soldiers retreat through the crocodile-infested swamps of Ramree Island in South East Asia. In the morning, 20 have survived, the rest having fallen victim to the crocodiles.

- March 3rd - The RAF inadvertently bombs the Hague, killing 511

- March 4th - Finland declares war on Nazi Germany

- April 4th - Hungary liberated from Nazi Germany

- April 12th
        - President Franklin Roosevelt dies of a stroke. Harry Truman becomes the 33rd President of the United States.
        -- The first American liberation of a concentration camp, Ohrdruf Nord, is completed.

- April 26th - The US and Soviet armies meet at the Elbe River

- April 29th - Hitler Marries Eva Braun, Dachau is liberated.

- April 30th - Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide.

- May 2nd - German army in Italy surrenders, Russia takes Berlin.

- May 4th - German army surrenders in Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands

- May 8th - Victory is declared in the European theatre at midnight

- May 9-10th - The first major deployment of napalm is made when US Bombers drop 2000 tons of it on a raid to Tokyo. 80,000 are killed in the ensuing firestorm.

- May 11th - President Truman terminates Lend-Lease effective immediately.

- July 16th - First nuclear detonation at Alamagordo, New Mexico

- July 17th - August 2nd - At the Potsdam conference, the tone of post-War Europe is set by the division of Germany and Berlin and Stalin refuses to allow free elections in occupied East Europe. An agreement is made to seek unconditional surrender from Japan and Stalin is advised that America now has nuclear capability.

- July 26th - The USS Indianoplis delivers the first operational atomic bomb to Tinian Island.

- July 30th - The USS Indianapolis is torpedoed and sank by a Japanese submarine.  300 men are killed in the initial attack and 900 survivors were left in shark-infested waters for 4 days. Only 316 remained alive when the crew was found by accident on August 3rd, 1945.

- August 6th - The Atomic Bomb (Little Boy) is dropped on Hiroshima, killing 80,000 Japanese

- August 8th - Japan makes first overtures for surrender

- August 9th - The Atomic Bomb (Fat Man) is dropped on Nagasaki, killing 70,000 Japanese.

- August 15th - Emperor Hirohito of Japan announces unconditional surrender.


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