The Shade

Unknown in origin, the Shade possess control of the fabric of darkness itself.

Issue Comment Reprinted in
Flash Comics #33 1st appearance, vs. the Golden Age Flash
Flash #123 with the Thinker and the Fiddler, vs. The Flashes of Earths-1 and 2 80-Page Giant #9, Flash Archives #3
Flash Comics #151 vs. Flashes of Earths-1 and 2
Justice League of America #123-124 Joins the Injustice Society, vs the JLA and JSA
Justice League of America #183-185 with Injustice Society, vs JLA, JSA, the New Gods
Adventure #460 Appears as an "character" in a trap laid by the Wizard for Jay Garrick  
Flash #298-299 w/ Rainbow Raider, vs. Flash of Earth-1
Crisis on Infinite Earths #9 in the Villian War
Infinity Inc #35-36 with Injustice Unlimited, vs. Infinity Inc. and the Global Guardians
Starman #0-4 as an observer "Sins of the Father" trade paperback

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