This index is devoted to one of the most unique series DC ever produced: a title devoted purely to Super-Villains, comicdom's criminal element. Unlike traditional stories that featured a hero or heroines efforts to overcome injustce and thwart crime., The Secret Society of Super-Villains focused on the activities of an organized group of super-criminals and their attempts to obtain their extralegal objectives. This series offered a novel insight into how super-villains operated and offered novel characterizations of sometimes relatively minor criminals. The format of this index is shamelessly patterned after the ICG indexes of the late 1980's, a recommended source of information for all collectors. Each issue of the series will be featured along with the DC Special devoted to the Secret Society and their final appearance in the Justice League of America. (Note: This Index is devoted to the original SSOSV. The latter version organized by the Ultra-Humanite had no connection with the original and had only a single storyline in which it was featured. This story is not covered by this index.)

Issue 1, June 1976
Issue 2, August 1976
Issue 3, October 1976
Issue 4, December ,1976
Issue 5, February, 1977
Issue 6, April 1977
Issue 7, June 1977
Issue 8, July 1977
Issue 9, September 1977
Issue 10, October 1977
Secret Society of Super Villians Special 1977
Super-Team Family Issue 14
Issue 11, November, 1977
Issue 12, January, 1978
Issue 13, March 1978
Issue 14, April 1978
Issue 15, June 1978
Issue 16, Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2
Issue 17, Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2
Justice League of America Issue 166
Justice League of America Issue 167
Justice League of America Issue 168

Amazing World of DC Heroes #11 - The original SSOSV #1
Readers Poll - Who comics fans of late 1970's wanted in the SSOSV
The Origin of the Second Star Sapphire
The Funky Flashman Code

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