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On this page, the DC Archives Home Page will feature mockups of several of the candidates for Archives Publication. Periodically, a selection of these will make it to the DC Archives Survey. Click the links to see your possible selections. Many thanks to all those who have contributed mock-ups over the years!

Superman Family Archives


Superman Archives # 8 - The introduction of Mr. Mzyxptlk and rounds with foes like The Toyman Action Archives #5 - More rounds with the Prankster and Mr. Mzyxptlk, along with the introduction of Hocus and Pocus Superman in World's Finest Archives #2 - Second installment of four, covering the mid-late 1940's in World's Finest Superman: The Man of Tomorrow Archives #3  - Continuing Adventures of the Silver Age Superman


Superman: The Man of Steel Archives #1 - Picking up with Superman #233, the destruction of Earth's Kryptonite and tales of the 1970's

Supergirl Archives #3 - Following her introduction to the world, this edition continues the solo adventures of Kara Zor-El

Lois Lane Archives #1 - The first installment of the frantic adventures of Superman's girlfriend Lois Lane



Batman Family Archives

Batman Archives #7 - Continuing the reprint of Detective Comics into the lat 1940's. Highlights include the first two appearances of The Riddler The Dark Knight Archives #6 -The Dark Knight Detective's continued Golden Age adventures against the Catwoman, the Cavalier, Tweedledee and others Batman in World's Finest #3 - The Next-to-Last one in the series moving the series through the late 1940's Batman: The Caped Crusader Archives #1 - Collecting the beginnings of the Batman Family at the campy adventures of the 1950's

Batman: The Dynamic Duo Archives #3 - Continuing the Adventures of Batman and Robin in the 1960's

Batgirl Archives #1 - Collecting the Key Appearances and the Solo Stories of The Silver Age Batgirl

Robin Archives #2 - The second of three, representing the Golden Age Appearances of Robin in Star Spangled Comics  

Justice Society Members

Wonder Woman Archives #5 - The mid 1940's adventures of the Amazon Princess continue in this edition, vs. foes like Hypnota and Countess Draska Nishki

Sandman Archives #2 - The "King" Kirby's major contribution to the DC Golden Age superheroes begins in this edition with introduction of Sandy the Golden Boy

Red Tornado Archives #1 - A Done In One with irrepressible Ma Hunkle and the cyclone kids

Dr. Mid-Night Archives #1 - A new line with the original force of blind justice, the edition chronicles the adventures of an original Golden Age daredevil

Wildcat Archives #1 - Collecting the original adventures of cat-suited, crime fighting pugilist for the first time anywhere

Starman Archives #2 - Completing the adventures of the Golden Age Starman with art by Jack Burnley and Mort Meskin

Golden Age Flash Archives #3 - Continuing in the mid-1940's, this edition collects more never-reprinted issues of Flash Comics and All-Flash Golden Age Green Lantern Archives #3 -Continuing in the mid-1940's, this edition collects more never-reprinted issues of Green Lantern and All-American Golden Age Hawkman Archives #2 - Collecting the adventures of Hawkman in Flash Comics, the edition will include the first appearance of Hawkgirl in costume and the introduction of Hawk  Valley, home to Hawkman's flaying aides The Spectre Archives #2 -Completing the Golden Age Adventures of the Spectre, this edition will include the more "heroic" less mystical stories with sidekick Percival Popp

Mister Terrific Archives #1 - Collecting the Adventures of the Man of 1,000 Talents, this will cover the first 18-20 issues of Sensation Comics, roughly of 1/3rd of his adventures Hourman Archives #1 - Best done as an oversized done in one, this will collected ~35 issues of Adventures, his two All-Star Comics appearances and his tale from the second World's Fair Comics. The Golden Age Atom Archives #1 - The first of 4 editions in which the original Tiny Titan's adventures are collected. Ultimately the series will collect takes from All-American, Big All-American one-shot, Comic Cavalcade, Sensation and Flash Comics. Comic Cavalcade Archives #2 - Collecting Issues 4-6, this edition will include more adventures of Golden Age Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman as well as Sargon the Sorcerer and other GA mini-features  

Justice League Members

Silver Age Wonder Woman Archives  #1 - Depending on where it begins, the first edition of the Silver Age Wonder Woman Archives will include the "Wonder Family", the introduction of Nubia, the new Golden Age Wonder Woman or the white-suited Kung-fu version

Aquaman Archives #2 - The second edition of the Aquaman Archives finishes the Detective and Showcase stories and moves into Nick Cardy's Aquaman solo series

Flash Archives #5 - Introducing Professor Zoom,  the formation of the Rogues Gallery and the re-formation of the Justice Society along with new battles against Abra Kadabra, Captain Cold and the Pied Piper

Green Lantern Archives #7 - Including the introduction of Goldfaece, the return of Doiby Dickles, and a battle between GA and SA GL vs. Sinestro

Hawkman Archives #3 - Continuing the solo stories of Hawkman, this will include the last of the "canonical" Silver Age Hawkman

Atom Archives #3  - More Silver Age Atom goodness with Time Pool stories and Zatanna's Quest Martian Manhunter Archives #1 - Including the origin and early (sometimes uncostumed and often unidentified) tales of a different strange visitor from another world Firestorm Archives #1  - The last member to join the "classic" Justice League, the edition collections The Fury of Firestorm #1-5, the back-ups in The Flash and the fate DC Comics presents where Superman "pops the question"

Super-Hero Groups


Justice League Archives #10 - Moving the series into the 70's, the captures the beginning of "Social Relevance" era and 2 JLA/JSA team-ups

Legion Archives #13 - Moving the Legion into the late 1970's, the Archives captures the adventures of the Legion and select issues of Karate Kid

Metal Men Archives #2 - Continuing the adventures of pliable paladins, these table include never-before reprinted stories of the Silver Age Metal Men

Teen Titans Silver Age #2 - More Silver Adventures of the Teen Screams featuring the Beast Boy and the first appearance of Mad Mod

Doom Patrol Archives #4 - The Penultimate edition in the series takes the team into the late 1960's with the character development (adoption of Beast Boy, love affair between Rogue and Chief) that defines how we think about the team today Seven Soldiers of Victory Archives #2 - More adventures of the "other" golden age super-team, the second of four and the only Golden Age entry in the teams category Atomic Knights Archives #1 - A done-in-one collection of the Adventures of Futuristic, giant Dalamation riding knights. How can it get much better than that? New Teen Titans Archives #4 -Continuing the re-imagined Teen Titans adventures, this editions collects the battle against Blackfire, the teams first annual and just maybe, their  team-up with the Xmen


Golden Age DC Super-Heroes - Other


Golden Age Green Arrow Archives #1 - Collecting for the first time, the original Golden Age Adventures of the Emerald Archer, including his origin, the introduction of Speedy and an array of oddball adversaries such The Voice, Boomerang and Professor Million

Newsboy Legion Archives #1 - Collecting Jack Kirby's Golden Age Creation for DC comics, a collection of ragtag slum and their guardian superhero

Golden Age Aquaman Archives #1 - Becoming the first Archive series to "Back Up" this edition collects the More Fun stories from the original Lord of the Seven Seas

Vigilante Archives #1 - The first edition will collect the origin of the Prairie Troubadour and the brief appearances of Billy Gunn and the introduction of Stuff, the China Townkid and the beginning of one comics' most under-appreciated rogue's gallery include the Rainbow Man, the Scorpion and the Lash

Mister America Archives #1 - Beginning with Action #1 - This collection will gather together the adventures of Tex Thompson as civilian adventures, as the super-hero Mister America and the government agent Americommando. The Spectre aside, these series was arguably the best work Bernard Bailey ever did, with story telling competitive with modern plotting.

Johnny Quick Archives #1 - Collecting the More Fun adventures of the DC's second speedster including his origin, the intro of sidekick Tubby Watts and the one recurring villain of the strip, Dr. Clever

Air Wave Archives #1 - Armed with a pair of roller skates and a pet parrot named Static, Air Wave radioed in on crime in the first of this two volume set Liberty Belle Archives #1 - America's heroine, reporter Libby Lawrence use a fragment of the Liberty Bell as weapon against the forces of tyranny Zatara Archives #1 - The first in an extended the series, this edition begins to collect the work of DC's backwards talking sorcerer with high quality art by legendary Fred Guardineer.
Sargon the Sorcerer Archives #1 - Touching the Ruby of Life gives magician John Sargent the power to animate objects as Sargon the Sorcerer. This series begins with his first tale from All-American Comics and collects most of his initial run in that series    

Silver Age Super-Heroes - Other

Dial H for Hero Archives #1 - Collecting the adventure of the original House of Mystery with characters submitted by you! Brave and the Bold Archives #2 - The second volume of this Archive collected the remaining non-Batman centric team-ups and takes the series through the late 1960's The New Gods Archives #1 - Collecting, in color, for the first time, the tales of the Gods of New Genesis and Apokolips

Adam Strange Archives #3 - Completing the Silver Age adventures of the Champion of Rann 

World's Finest Archives #4 - Carrying the series into the early 1960's, the edition faces more team-ups not just between Batman and Superman but also Bat-Mite and Mzyxptlk and Luthor and the Joker

Action Heroes Archives #2 - This second collection of the Charlton Heroes of Earth-4 wraps up the adventures of Captain Atom and Nightshade and collects the adventures of Ted Kord, the Silver Age Blue Beetle

Captain Comet Archives #1 - Arguably the first Silver Age Super-Hero, this done-in-one will collect ~35 issues of Strange Adventures and the heroic exploits of Adam Blake, the ultimate human Metamorpho Archives #1- Following up on his successful "Showcase Presents", the edition collects in color the adventures of Element Man and his cast of eccentric tag-alongs. Black Lightning Archives #1 - Collecting the Adventures of DC first African American Super-Hero with his own series, this edition collects the 11 issue initial run from the 1970's

Silver Age Non-Super-Hero - Horror, Humor & Fantasy

The Demon Archives #1 - "Gone, gone form of man, comes the Archives Etrigan", with more Jack Kirby goodness in the tormented adventures of Jason Blood Kamandi Archives #2 - Further adventures of the lost teen in a far flung future of a world gone mad! Sugar and Spike Archives #1 - The first humor edition will collection Shelly Mayer's classic comedy adventures of Sugar & Spike The Phantom Stranger Archives #1 - Walk the path of the Stranger, as he witness inhuman crimes and divine punishment for the sins of man in the first collection of his origina tales Swamp Thing Archives #1 - Collected the horrific tales with classic Bernie Wrightson art, this series defined the horror genre at DC in the 1970's


SHAZAM! ARCHIVES #5 - The continuing adventures of the Big Red Cheese! SHAZAM! Family Archives #2 -Mary Marvel joins the SHAZAM! Family in this edition Bulletman Archives #1 - Expanding the Fawcett line to one the more popular compatriots of the Shazam Family


Black Condor Archives #1 - Collecting Lou Fine art and the lead feature from Crack Comics, this will edition will include his origin and earliest adventures The Ray Archives #1 - Collecting Lou Fine art and the lead feature from Smash Comics, this done-in-one will edition will include his origin and earliest adventures Plastic Man Archives #9 - Winding down the Jack Cole stories, this edition will move the series toward the 1950's Doll Man Archives #1 - Collecting Lou Fine art and the lead feature from Feature Comics, this will edition will include his origin and earliest adventures with tales never before reprinted

Quicksilver Archives #1 - The laughing Robin Hood was Quality's Answer to the The Flash and Johnny Quick, conducting a lightning fast war on the underworld and bizarre foes like The Wasp. This edition collects his initial adventures in National Comics Uncle Sam Archives #1 - Collecting issues of National and Uncle Sam Comics, the first edition in this series will be the first reprints of some of the earliest adventures of Uncle Sam and his pal, Buddy! The Human Bomb Archives#1 - Collecting issues of Police Comics featuring the explosive adventures of Roy Lincoln and his bombastic sidekick, Hustace Throckmorton  

War & Western

Sgt Rock Archives #4 - More gritty, gripping tales of Easy Company on the European Front Jonah Hex Archives #1 - Arguably the ugliest hero DC has ever produced, the scarred warrior begins his lonely quest for justice as DC forays into the western genre Bat Lash Archives #1 - A done-in-one, this edition collects the non-stereotypical of Western adventures of Bat Lash, the reluctant cowboy and hero of the Western plains Blackhawk Archives #2 - After a long break, the second edition of the Blackhawk Archives will collect more never-reprinted issues of Military Comics and the European aviators aces struggle to reclaim their homelands

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